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Establish your Expert Voice - Interact with insights in community discussions
Influence Leaders In Hard Skills Exchange
Your professional scorecard - Build & share trusted verifiable collection of your professional credibility score

Career Moves

Unlock exciting career opportunities and explore strategic moves with the support of our extensive network.
Access curated job openings from mid-level to leadership roles.
Leverage opportunities shared by fellow members in the community groups.
Benefit from active outreach to recruiters and hiring managers.

Wealth Creation

Leverage your connections and watch your wealth multiply
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Refer & get rewarded when your peer lands a job
Enjoy lifetime benefit of referral based income
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A community specifically designed for

Senior Executives

An environment that showcases your expertise and accelerates your career building as a Senior Leader
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Boost your professional credibility 10X
Elevate valuation
by 500%
Stand out to Senior Executives worth $500 Mn

$500+ Mn

Value Creation

10000+ hrs

of Interaction


Deal Makers

What our community has to say!

All interested folks should apply. They are doing an amazing job. Sparklehood Anchal Taatya Saurabh Kumarext inside of a div block.
Rutveez Roopam Rout
I would like to thank the Sparklehood team, Saurabh Kumar, Anchal Taatya, and Ujwal S. for a great session with Ajeet Khurana as a part of Sparklehood Cohort 2 sessions.

Thanks, Ajeet Khurana for sharing your learnings over 25 years in a captivating way. Your life lessons in angel investing are invaluable.Read more.
Santosh Saladi
I had the pleasure of participating in Sparklehood and Team's exclusive Chief of Staff cohort and it was an incredibly valuable experience.

I highly recommend Sparklehood. The team is knowledgeable, supportive, and always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that cohort members are able to get the most out of the experience. Thank you, Sparklehood and Team.
Aakash Rathor
You guys are doing awesome job creating such a beautiful Angel investment course.
Kudos to you guys!!
Kamlesh Bhesaniya
I think I attempt atleast 5-10 queries every week about what a #ChiefOfStaff/Founder's Office enthu junkie does 🤓Like any CoS would do, I picked a structure that can be replicated, haha. I will be the leading the upcoming Chief of Staff Program - Sparklehood as a speaker.Together with few of the best India’s CoS from Companies like IND Money, Nykaa, Rupeek, MX Player, Practo etc, we aim to discuss everything in the CoS world.
Priyanka Peeramsetty
Thank you Sparklehood :)))

We have received our first cheque from investors and officially started growing our
Eyecan family.

Eyecan was birthed with the aim to bring assistive technologies to the masses. We started out with nothing but big dreams and a hunger to make our ideas a reality.Read more
Nimish Jain
We are very delighted and honored that one more investor join our team to boost up our organization.  

We very much Thank you Sparklehood For investing in our company and also we send you warm regards.
Ridobiko Bike Rentals
Thanks to Ajeet Khurana for such a strong pitch today and big thanks to Sparklehood for getting him onboard . Very interactive and useful session that's what we all can say here .
Capt. Abhishek Tiwari
I am thrilled to share that I will be part of the upcoming Chief of Staff Program - Sparklehood (School for Frontier Technology) as a speaker.

Together with few of the best India’s CoS from Startups like INDMoney, Nykaa, Rupeek, MX Player, Jupiter etc., we are going to groom the leaders of next generation for the first 2 months.
Ajay Rungta
Sparklehood Angel Investor Cohort 2 had exceptional quality content, peer learning & awesome discussions!! thanks for giving an opportunity to be a part of this amazing cohort and platform by Anchal Taatya & Saurabh Kumar!

Great insights shared by Ujwal S. and the guest speakers!

Simply loved it!!
Rahul Doiphode
I am delighted to share that I will be leading the upcoming Chief of Staff Cohort at Sparklehood as a speaker.

Some of the other speakers include the Chiefs of Staff from top startups such as IND Money, Nykaa, Rupeek, Practo, etc.
Aniruddha Jaju
It’s a small step and great start to the learning journey on decentralized communities #DAO and the power of #web3

Thanks to Lisa Wocken, PhD Saurabh Kumar #Sparklehood and our cohort for the knowledge sessions in past few weeks.

Excited and look forward to collaborating on this learning journey.
Sandeep Kamat

What our community has to say!

All interested folks should apply. They are doing an amazing job.
Sparklehood Anchal Taatya Saurabh Kumar
Rutveez Roopam Rout
My first NFT minted with love! :)
Thank you Team Sparklehood, Lisa Wocken, PhD Saurabh Kumar Anchal Taatya for giving a kick-start to my web3 journey. Looking forward to more learning and collaborations!
Ashish Arora
Thank you Sparklehood :)))

We have received our first cheque from investors and officially started growing our Eyecan family.

Eyecan was birthed with the aim to bring assistive technologies to the masses. We started out with nothing but big dreams and a hunger to make our ideas a reality.
Nimish Jain
The Chief of Staff role has been a role defined with very broad strokes across industries and companies.

Glad to have gotten this opportunity to share my learnings and build a next-gen community of CoSs with Sparklehood. Thank you Saurabh Kumar Anchal Taatya for this opportunity and of course Yellow.ai and Raghu Ravinutala who believed in me 18 months back :)

Exciting times!
Gulshan Dhanani

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you are looking for?
I have joined the community. What should I do next?

Please navigate to the community bio page and find all the groups linked up with the community.
- Join Intro & Network group. Please drop your bio on Connect & Network group along with hi/hello to community members.
- Mention all the professional details you would love to share with members from community.
- Please also add what can you help with and the help you are seeking for now. This could result in somebody coming ahead to help you right away
- Join other groups of your interest.

What is the difference between Titans Club & Polo Club? Can I be a part of both communities?

Both the clubs enjoy same privileges. The categorization is done to keep the activities and discussions relevant. You can only be a part of one community.

How can I refer someone to Sparklehood Community?

Step 1: Ask them to apply here - https://sparklehood.org/apply-now
Step 2: They should select "Referral" as the answer to "How did you hear about us?" in the application and add the name of “Referrer”
Step 3: If eligible, they'll receive the onboarding form after applying.
Step 4: Once they fill the form, they'll get the WhatsApp community link!

Can I get the recordings for sessions that happened previously?

As of now, the policy is to not share any recordings because we wanted members to join these sessions and make the best use of the arrangement

I have posted my request for referral on group. But I didn’t get any responses. How should I go about this?

We, as a community, believe that giving is the first step before an ask. So, start adding value to your peers in the areas where you can be able to add value and we are sure that when you require any support, members will give back.

Is there an eligibility criteria to join the community?

Yes, we do have an eligibility criteria. Details can be found here.

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